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Nowadays, people are finding and sharing news and information online, This opens the door to Digital
PR opportunities. Our Digital PR services, exposure your brand at national coverage, which, means high-
quality backlinks for your website and a significant impact on where your site shows up in search engine results pages.

Benefits of Digital PR Services to your business:
1. Media coverage in top tier news sites
2. Increase in social media fans
3. Increased in web traffic
4. Brand affinity increased
5. Increased positive sentiment and intent to purchase
6. Won industry awards (trust and thought-leadership)
With Digital PR you can establish your Company as a thought leader in your industry, Our Digital PR team will help you to take advantage of this opportunity through our Digital PR services which, are listed here:-

Digital PR Strategy & Consulting
Detailed research and planning are required for an effective integrated Digital PR. Marketing Strategy.
Marketing Leader Digital PR services will help you on the following areas:-
1- Setting up your Objectives & Goals
2- Targeting & Market Segmentation
3- Identifying your Market Segmentation
4- Strategy (The bigger picture) what are the key tactics to be utilised and what are the main resources required | overall plan.
5- Tactics & Implementation
6- Measurement and Analytics

Creative Campaign Development & Management
We can help your brand to communicate more effectively online.
Marketing Leader Creative Campaign Development & Management will help you on the following areas:-
1- Weekly/Monthly Strategic blogger outreach.
2- Social media marketing and evaluation
3- Facebook application creation and design.
4- Targeted national, regional or global media relations campaigns.
5- Youtube video development & seeding.
6- Mobile application development.
7- Website creation.

Online Reputation Management
Marketing Leader  online reputation management services will help you on the following areas:-
1- Strategy development for dealing with serious customer service concerns.
2- Strategy development for dealing with disgruntled employees.
3- Strategy development for dealing with sneaky competitors.
4- Strategy development for dealing with complicated situation.
5- Customize online reputation management guide for your Brand (what To Do & what Not To Do) Online.

Our Online Reputation Management services can help your businesses managing existing negative comments or reviews by maintaining a positive online presence.
So when people search for your brand they find positive news only.

Blogger outreach campaigns
The Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s definition of an influencer:
“A person who has a greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace.”

Bloggers are mainly influencers
We are one of the leading digital marketing agency that we connect brands with influential bloggers more successfully than any other agency in our market place. Marketing Leader Blogger outreach campaigns is a great way to get website traffic, reviews, buzz, and awareness to your brand. Why?
Here are a few reasons:

1- Your brand will have a number of people writing and providing fresh content for you brand.
2- By building a relationship between your brand and bloggers, you increase the probability that they will promote and speak favorably about your brand
3- Blogs are consistently rank high in value when people are looking for honest opinions on products and services.

Content writing service that we offer for Digital PR:-
1- Social Media posts.
2- Press Releases.
3- eBooks.
4- White-papers up to 2000 words.
5- Blog Articles.
6- Animated explainer videos.
7- Live Action Videos.
8- Info-graphics.

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